DimeStories from Albuquerque May 2015


Susan (left) and Andy (right) at the book launch for Apricots and Tortillas, stories about growing up in Albuquerque

We had a small but mighty group of DimeStoriers for our May gathering.  Here’s what you missed:

Best stories:

  • From our new emcee, Andy Paquet, “DimeStory Interview”
  • Dee Cohen, “Long Island Sunset”
  • Susan Paquet, “Biologist PhD Type”
  • Georgia Santa Maria, “Life on Snob Hill”
  • Lata Nadig, “The Trinity”
  • Maria Leyba, “Lessons in Driving”

Listen to the stories

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Audio from Albuquerque March 2015

We’re finally getting on track with audio stories for the Duke City DimeStories.  Here are the recordings from the March DimeStories Open Mic.  Thank you all of your patience. Everyone shared some fine stories!

  • Lata Nadig, “The Autobiography I Keep Meaning to Write”
  • Tish Frederick, “Birthday”
  • Robin Kalinich, “Elegy in Orange”
  • Eirik Gumeny, “Parking Garage”
  • Alberto Lopez, “5th Century B / Text Message to a Friend”
  • Jennifer Simpson, “On the Road to Chicago”
  • Susan Paquet, “She Just Can’t Stop”
  • Dante Berry, “Plenty”
  • Maria Leyba, “Please Don’t Recognize Me”
  • Matt Wagner, “Everything is a Learning Experience”
  • Andy Paquet, “Moment of Temptation”


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San Diego Host for April


Joanna Gorman will emcee the  April 2015 San Diego DimeStories Open Mic event:

Friday, April 10, 2015

 at San Diego Writers, Ink, Liberty Station/NTC
Barracks 16, Suite 202
San Diego, CA 92106

Readings begin at 8 p.m, but come at 7:30 pm to sign up, and mix and mingle with a group of awesome and friendly writers!

Bring your 3-minute story and bring a friend because listening is fun too!

Originally from San Diego, Joanna lived in Singapore, and is now back in her hometown, teaching ESL and Citizenship (which feeds into her healthy obsession with Early American history). An historian by trade, Joanna has taught U.S. and World History, and Film Theory at CSUSM.

Joanna is also a hospice volunteer, an advocate for veterans for several non-profits, and a Gold Star Wife, having lost her active duty husband.

Joanna’s writing ranges from poetry, short stories, and she is currently working on a memoir about life with her late husband. Joanna enjoys re-reading her history textbooks from the grad department, convincing her cat that the kitchen is not a restaurant (but it is really), taking care of her veteran dad, writing, and her volunteer endeavors.

3 Writers whose work you admire:

Evelyn Waugh, Lord Byron, my fellow Dime Story writers

3 things on your desk right now:

A chunk of black tourmaline, an electric tea kettle, and an antique jewelry box from Japan.

3 of your favorite words:

Shokran, merci, gracias.

One of Joanna’s favorite writing prompts:

What would a monument to you look like?

Best Stories from Orange County

The Orange County chapter of DimeStories continues to go strong. If you’re in the area, or even just visiting, keep in mind their open mic runs every 2nd Sunday.

Their next open mic is April 12, 2015.
As always, sign-ups begin at 5:00 pm, and we begin readings at 5:30 pm

They gather at:  LCA Wine, 3315 Hyland Avenue, Suite H, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

They are also really good at posting their audio, so listen to the Best of Orange County DimeStories.

San Diego’s March Host: Shannon Bates

It’s not easy being green! Just ask Shannon Bates, our March hostess for DimeStories.
shea_sax_john hancock 1Shannon is a musician and writer originally from a beautiful town called Fair Oaks in Northern California, and she has been a resident of San Diego for nearly 20 years. Both music and writing have always been integral parts of her life. She plays the saxophone and flute in local groups of many genres and holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. A few handfuls of her stories and poems have appeared in small journals and anthologies, and she has several novels in varying stages of completion. She is a first-year MFA candidate in Creative Writing in the Rainier Writing Workshop at Pacific Lutheran University. When she is not writing fiction or playing music, she is playing soccer or cuddling with her cat, Satchmo. And she is always contemplating the multifaceted beauty of the color green.

Here’s THREE things about Shannon:

Three authors or books she admires:  Shel Silverstein, Margaret Atwood, and Haruki Murakami (too many are left off this short list!)
Three things on her desk right now:  green water bottle, green pen, laptop
A favorite writing exercise or prompt:  “I like to write what amount to interviews with my protagonists and other main characters to create more intimate relationships and discover things I they hadn’t revealed to me before.”
Shannon says a good DimeStory engages the listener for a full three minutes and leaves her wanting to hear more.


San Diego’s February Host: Alex Bosworth

Alex Bosworth has volunteered to host the next San Diego DimeStories. So I thought I’d ask Alex THREE questions (a hat tip to our 3-minute time limit).

Alex @ the Mic

Alex @ the Mic

1. Who the Heck ARE You?  

Alex Bosworth was born in a house  he built himself in San Diego
circa 1965. His parents (no photos  available) were both teachers with
theatrical backgrounds. Alex began  writing short fiction in elementary
school and has kept at it for forty  years in lieu of gainful employment.

Alex performs his work at  coffeehouses, bookstores and coin operated laundries throughout Southern California.

His book, Chip Chip Chaw:Tales of the Unsane is available on Amazon. Continue reading

San Diego DimeStories Shakin’ It UP!

davidrainesFor the last couple of years David Raines has been coordinating the San Diego DimeStories chapter, handling everything from emceeing the Open Mic events, to schlepping food and drink, and handling all kinds of behind-the-scenes duties.  He recently announced he’s stepping down.

But don’t worry, he’ll still be around, and with the Orange County chapter of DimeStories serving as the inspiration, San Diego DimeStories will be handled by a committee!  There will be a rotating group of emcees, starting with DimeStories forever favorite funny guy, Alex Bosworth (more on Alex with our next post), who will emcee the upcoming February Open Mic while Joanne Gorman will be in charge of the refreshments and Ed Coonce will be recording.

ds_microphoneThe NEXT San Diego Open Mic:

7:30 pm Friday, February 13, 2015

at The Ink Spot:  2730 Historic Decatur Road, Barracks 16, Suite 204, San Diego, CA

$5 donation at the door much appreciated.

REMINDER:   Dime Stories are 3-minutes stories (prose, not poetry) read by the author. They’re funny. They’re heart-rending. Fictional or factual, they’re always true.

Beware: Three-minute rule (that’s about 500 words) is strictly enforced. Continue reading

DimeStories: California, New Mexico, and Beyond

DimeStories Anthology

At long last, the DimeStories print anthology is ready! Contributor copies are on their way, and copies for purchase are available at the December open mic events and online.  In this anthology we are publishing stories from folks who participate in monthly open mic events in San Diego, Costa Mesa, and Albuquerque and from writers who have never been to a DimeStories event (though I’m sure they want to!)  hence the title:  DimeStories: California, New Mexico, and Beyond!  a celebration of 10 years of DimeStories.  (purchase your copy for only $10).

When I first conceived of this project I had no idea how much work it was going to be, and how much help I would need! Much thanks to everyone who supported me, everyone who got the word out, and most of all to everyone who submitted work. Continue reading

Flash Workshop with Amy Wallen

UPDATE:  This happened!  It was great!

Look for more workshops in the future!


I am so excited to offer this opportunity for the Albuquerque DimeStoriers– Amy Wallen (DimeStories Founder and all around amazing writer) will be in town to celebrate the Ten Year Annivesary of DimeStories, and emcee the October DimeStories Open Mic.

In addition, she has is offering this amazing workshop: Continue reading

DimeStories Anthology Coming Soon!

ds-bookFirst of all, thank you to everyone who submitted  stories for consideration for the DimeStories in Print Anthology. As a fellow writer I know how hard it is to send your work out into the world. As the publisher and managing editor of this anthology (and the one who came up with the crazy idea to do this in celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary) my biggest task was to organize and coordinate all the Editors’ responses.

Many of you who submitted have been regular supporters and participants at DimeStories open mics in California and New Mexico, many of you I know personally, and many of you were first time submitters which is why I thought it important to explain a bit about the process and how we came to the decisions.

First, I sent out press releases, emails to every writer I know, and (god help the internets) I tweeted, and came up with nearly 200 submissions. Stories were sent to the editorial board blind. In other words, I went through each page and deleted names as needed. (Note to Self: next time request submissions not contain identifying information!)

Stories were read by all four editors, who submitted their lists of stories to publish and stories to pass. I tallied and where necessary cast a deciding vote (in favor of publishing, because I’m a pushover and without an editorial board, I would have published ALL the stories).

Although knew this from my stint as managing editor at Blue Mesa Review, one thing that struck me again was how often the decision is about aesthetics…  With this project, what I realized was that sometimes a story just works better out loud.

All this to tell you that these are the stories we selected: Continue reading