Fully Anticipated Questions

Q: My story runs about 4 minutes. I can still read it, right?

A: Nope. Alarm goes off at 3:00 minutes. Public humiliation begins at 3:15 min.

Q: How can I start a DimeStories event near me?

A: DimeStories chapters pay a nominal fee to be set up as a chapter, and to contribute towards the support of the website, the email system, and the production of radio modules and podcasts. In exchange, DimeStories chapters get access to the website, the email system, and are eligible for inclusion in any radio modules and podcasts.  Contact Us and we’ll give you the details.

Q: I like to listen to stories when I’m out and about. How can I download these stories to my iPod?

A: SOON, But not yet:  Subscribe to DimeStories on iTunes.  All the recordings that we post on our site are also available for download on iTunes.