July and August San Diego Standouts!

Congratulations July Standouts!

These authors were selected by their peers to be honored for their talent, creativity and presentation of their work!

BRAVO!!! Included are audios of their work.

Listen and Enjoy!

Bernie Nofel – Rules Are Rules
(Coming Soon!)
Kevin Hennessy
Judy Geraci

Congratulations to San Diego August Standout!

Four cheers for our four August Standouts!  We all learn and benefit from hearing your work and enjoy every syllable.  Thank you for attending DimeStories and sharing your stellar work with all of us!

Below are the audios of their presentations.  BRAVO!

Listen and Enjoy!

Judy Reeves – Night Train to Split

Carol Moscrip – Cream

June Cressy – Refuge

Danielle Baldwin – The Countdown

San Diego Open Mic

Friday,   10, 2018

Guest Host:  Amy Wallen – Founder of DimeStories!


Amy Wallen founded DimeStories and is author of two books, a memoir, When We Were Ghouls, just released, and an award winning novel Moon Pies and Movie Stars.  Her work has been published in several reviews and national magazines including Gettysburg Review.  She teaches creative writing, hosts workshops and is Associate Director of the New York State Summer Writers Institute in Saratoga Springs, NY.  In addition, Amy edits manuscripts for other writers and is an excellent baker of pies.

Please join us and enjoy an evening of creative writing...
3-minute prose.  

Where: San Diego Writers, Ink, Liberty Station
When: Friday, August 10, 2018; 6:30 sign ups, 7:00 readings
Who: You!  Bring your 3-minute prose and read or simply enjoy the evening listening to some of San Diego's best writers!


San Diego DimeStories June Standouts

Lenore Greiner, John Shaw, Ellen Yaffa

Chosen by their peers at June DimeStories Open Mic.  Listen and Enjoy!

Lenore Greiner  – Translating Respect

John Shaw – What a Relief


Ellen Yaffa – Eagle Claw

San Diego DimeStories Open Mic!

Friday!  July 13, 2018

Pop in with your 3-minute prose and enjoy an evening of readings!

Guest Host!   

Tia Meredith

Bio:  Tia is a newer member of the San Diego writing scene and is building her craft as a lyrical writer. Her writing pieces are part personal essay, part poetry but 100% intended to make readers FEEL. She can be found throwing down words alongside the notoriously bad ass Thursday Writers of Adams Avenue and full body hugging pretty much anyone who will let her.

She has a published children’s book “Leonidas and the Dolphin” – showing she loves kids.

She works as an independent marketing consultant and copywriter for heart-centered businesses – showing she cares.

And, once upon a time she quit her government executive life to move to Greece, grow her curly hair and learn to love herself again – showing she has priorities.

Tia is a closet poet and creative nonfiction writer from Missouri who hopes to debut more of her writing as she navigates the “how the heck do I do this” world of publishing.

6:30pm Sign ups - 7:00pm Readings  San Diego Writers, Ink; 
Liberty Station

San Diego DimeStories May Standouts

Congratulations May DimeStory Standouts!

Each month three or four 3-minute readings are selected to highlight the creativity and performance of the author.  We post them here so they are available to hear over and over again!  Enjoy!!!

John Shaw – On Days When the Rain Broke

Ed Coonce – Alexa

Carol Moscrip – Alta Maria

Again, a big round of applause for John, Ed and Carol!  We appreciate your creativity, performance and can’t wait for more!


San DiegoDimeStories Open Mic June 8!

Join us! Open Mic (prose)                        Friday, June 8!

 Guest Host:                                Carol Moscrip!

Bio: Carol Moscrip came to San Diego six years ago and found San Diego Writers, Ink, Thursday Writers, and DimeStories all thanks to friend and mentor Judy Reeves. Carol has published poems in the San Diego Poetry Annual and a Year In Ink 2018. She is a Pushcart nominee, has a book of poems Straw and has a book of short stories coming out this year.


San Diego Writers, Ink, Liberty Station
6:30-10:00 p.m.  
$5 Donation at the door!

Congratulations to San Diego April Standouts!

Congratulations San Diego DimeStories

Standouts for April! 

Carol Moscrip 
Bill Peters 
Judy Reeves

Listen and Enjoy!!!

Carol Moscrip – This Is Prose

Bill Peters – Rex the Fish

Judy Reeves – En Route to Paris, Frankfurt, Bombay

What a wonderful group of writers!  We all applaud your creativity and your performance!