LA Times Book Festival

For the 4th year running, DimeStories was asked to participate in the L.A. Times Book Festival–an event that attracts over 140,000 book lovers each year!

Hosted by DimeStories founder, novelist Amy Wallen, the performance, which took place on Saturday April 21th at the University of Southern California under a crisp blue sky and a fierce sun, featured DimeStoriers (writers) from San Diego, Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, and even Albuquerque. Here are their 3-minute stories:

Amy Wallen,  Introduction, and
Carlos Kotkin, “We All Have Our Thing”

We All Have Our Thing

Ed Coonce, “The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo”
The Dragon with the Girl Tatoo

Jill Badonsky, “Oh For Cryin’ Out Loud”
Oh For Cryin’ Out Loud

Ed Kaufman, “Corn in a Horn, Who’ll Have Popcorn?”
Corn in the Horn, Who’ll Have Popcorn?

Cindy Frazier, “Bleeding Hearts”
Bleeding Hearts

Ben Loory, “The Lemon Tree”
The Lemon Tree

Terry Black, “The Whole Package”
The Whole Package

Shannon Bates, “The Place”
The Place

Amy Wallen: Announcement Number 4

Niki Smart, “Religion and Sex”
Religion and Sex

Jim Ruland, “Homeward Bound”
Homeward Bound

Georgia Santa Maria, “Dead Texans”
Dead Texans

Kelli Wescott, “Pepper steak and Oprah”
Pepper Steak and Oprah

Tony Bonds “True Story”
True Story

Jennifer Simpson, “At the Fair”

At the Fair

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