Opportunity for DimeStoriers in Laguna

Rita at the Laguna Beach Independent is looking for short stories/essays and has issued a special invitation to DimeStoriers to submit for the upcoming themed story section:

500-600 words, DEADLINE:  Friday, Dec. 7.

Please submit all stories via email to Rita –at–  bindy.com.

Include a high-resolution, high-quality mugshot and a one-line bio.

Themes (writer’s choice)


  • Christmas gone awry
  • Mixed-family traditions (religious or ethnic; these may have gone awry as well:)
  • The best word-gifts you could receive or give, an apology, recognition, confession (a secret honestly revealed with feeling)

New Year’s:

  • Revisit the ghosts of Laguna’s past: what do you miss that has disappeared in Laguna, and why
  • If it’s a business or natural local feature that you fear is endangered, what would you do to save it

If your story is published, let us know and we can share the good words!!

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