San Diego’s Best DimeStories UPDATED

Over the last few months we’ve been working out the kinks on getting audio up for the San Diego Chapter of DimeStories.  Here are the most recent 3 months, BEST OF SAN DIEGO DimeStories!  Some months there were too many excellent stories to choose from, so you may see an extra.  Thanks to all the fantastic San Diego DimeStoriers who share their stories every First Friday at Lestat’s on Park (7pm)


Jill Badonsky, “At Home Lobotomy” At Home Lobotomy

Ed Coonce, “Meerkat Mountain” (no recording)

Joanna Gorman, “Big Mouth Strikes Again” Big Mouth Strikes Again

Sonia Singh, “An Ordinary Heart” An Ordinary Heart


Elle Brooks, “Fuck” Fuck

Eber Lambert, “Christmas Call” Christmas Call

Sonia Singh, “Snapshots” Snapshots

Jon Tobias, “Painted Trees” Painted Trees


Elle Brooks “Raising a Woman” Raising a Woman

Ed Coonce “Billy Bob Eplains Cloud Computing” (no recording)

Eber Lambert “Lights Out” Lights Out

Dave Larson “Bus 143”Bus 143

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