About Us

Since before 3-Minute Fiction on NPR, DimeStories have been heard at  open mic events around the country where some are recorded, and some have been optioned for podcasts and public radio. DimeStories have been heard on:   KUOW 94.9 Public Radio Puget Sound, Remix Radio, KUT in Austin, Texas, and WTIP in Minnesota.

DimeStories are 3-minutes stories (prose, not poetry) read by the author.  They’re funny, they’re heartwrenching. Fictional or factual, they’re always true.

Founded by novelist Amy Wallen, DimeStories is now managed by Jennifer Simpson, a writer living in Albuquerque.  Jennifer, and the entire dime-sized staff, is run on 100% volunteer power. In other words, we do the best we can!

Our emcees are lovers of writing, of concise stories, of three-minute prose.  Our curators, advisors, emcees, and even our beloved DimeStoriers are published authors who give of their time to help raise the bar on the tiny stories that we produce for broadcast.  But it’s not just the folks on stage, but the ones behind the curtain that bring DimeStories to fruition.  We have to have a website janitor to keep things tidy on our site.  A designer/illustrator to help keep our logo dusted off.  Small print readers, wacky creative geniuses and professional comediennes, are just a few of the folks that keep the sparks flying around our offices.