San Diego Monthly Open Mic

ds_microphoneOpen Mic Events take place on the 2nd Fridays of every month: Come at 6:30 pm to mingle and nosh, and stories begin at 7 pm.

1006279_10151590080312426_1155127212_nDimeStories at San Diego Writers, Ink

Liberty Station/NTC
Barracks 16, Suite 202
San Diego, CA 92106


Readings begin at 7 p.m, but come at 6:30 pm to sign up, and mix and mingle with a group of awesome and friendly writers!

Bring your 3-minute story and bring a friend because listening is fun too!

We gather and tell DimeStories the SECOND  Friday of every month!

$5 suggested donation.

Listen to the Best Of DimeStories from San Diego on the Audio Archive page–>


11 Comments to San Diego Monthly Open Mic

  1. JennAlbQ says:

    Hi David! sorry for the confusion! Yes, we’re still going strong. Please join us on an upcoming 2nd Friday!

  2. David Weinstein says:

    Is this still going on in 2019. Hard to tell from the website and I don’t want to make the trip for nada.


  3. Don Ryan says:

    still not on the mailing list. Did not delete myself.

  4. David Raines says:

    I host this wonderful event, which takes place the 2nd Friday of every month at San Diego Writers Ink in Liberty Station. Come out to our next event Friday, February 14th at 7:30!

  5. JennAlbQ says:

    Hi Alice! Thanks for stopping by. You’ll always find the most up-to-date information here, on this very page. San Diego DimeStories.

  6. Alice says:

    Please advise San Diego dates & venue. Here it says first Fridays at Lestats, elsewhere it says the next one is Nov. 6th at Ruby Room.

  7. kellik says:

    Hi Seth,
    Sorry this isn’t updated. Yes, we are having one tonight. Lestats on Park (the newer location) in University Heights. 7pm Hope you can make it!

  8. Seth Slater says:

    Is there an open mic night the first weekend in November? I’m not seeing any current listings. If there is an open mic night this weekend, when and where — anyone know?

  9. amy says:

    In April, instead of the Dime-Off, we have joined forces with Opium Magazine’s Death Match. Check out the San Diego Live Events page on this website for details. It should be an amazing night of literary types putting up their dukes. Come check it out!

    And, nope, we will still have the open mic DimeStories at The Ruby Room. April 2nd!

    See you there!

  10. Anita says:

    What is the date for the April Dime-Off at UCSD? and does this cancel out the april dime stories at the ruby room?

  11. Jocelyn says:

    Were there audience pics for October as well?

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