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We launched Duke City (that’s Albuquerque!)  DimeStories on February 18, 2010 with over 20 attendees.  We asked for audience input on selecting the “best of” the evening’s stories…  and in case you  missed it, or you want to relive a fabulous evening, and all the other fantastic open mics since then, take a listen.


JULY 2014

Steve Howe, “Trajectory”  Trajectory

Marsha Johansen, “Blue Jeans” “Blue Jeans”

Lata, “Just Like It” “Just Like It”

JUNE 2014

Jennifer Krohn, Untitled Untitled

Serena Ulibarri, “Things to do in the Surgery Waiting Room” “Things to do in the Surgery Waiting Room”

Kempton Lindquist, “Parking the Truck” “Parking the Truck”

MAY 2014

Efrain Villa, “Palpations for Fun and Profit” “Palpitations for Fun and Profit”

Kraig Pickel, “Garbage” “Garbage”

Mopsy Matthews, “Letting Go” “Letting Go”

APRIL 2014 (no audio)

Georgia Santa Maria, “Lothar the Poet”

Carsen Greene, “The Lady”

Maria Leyba, “Dust to Dust”

MARCH 2014

Dee Cohen, “Underneath” Underneath

Maria Leyba, “Something Brown” Something Brown

Samantha Tetangco, “Sarah and the Mantis” Sarah and the Mantis


Merimee Moffitt, “Tiny Bananas”


Lisa Myers, “Mr. Walker”


Samantha Tetangco, “The Dress”


Thank you to the students from the Intro to Creative Writing classes who attended, and a special thanks, and HONORABLE MENTION TO:

Mikel Cruz, “The Library”


Leah Ellis, “The Collar”


January 2014

Andy Paquet, “Connected”


Julia Perkins, “Why My Computer & I Don’t Get Along” **


Kraig Pickel, “Harlan’s Hardware and Pub”


**extra long newbie “grace” period for going over the 3-minute limit


December 2013

Tish Frederick, “Stairway to Haunted”

Merimee Moffitt “Untitled”

Andy Paquet, “Sex and the Photo Lab”


November 2013

Iris Gersh, “Passing Through” **


Eirik Gumeny, “Revenge of the Supper”


Beth Pratt, “A Dusting of Fingerprints”


** extra long grace period because this was a great story

Best of October 2013

Dee Cohen, “Yellow”


Susan Paquet, “My Monster”


Andy Paquet, “Sweet Ride”


Cindy Sylvester, “Escape from the 4th World”


Best of September 2013

Arlaina Ash, “Nut Job”


Susan Paquet, “Judge Falcone’s Funeral”


Beth Pratt, “The Price of Happiness: $10”


Best of August 2013

More great stories, from DimeStories favorites, and soon to be DimeStories favorites:

Dee Cohen, “By Heart”


Pamela Hirst, “Sometimes It was Fun”


Kraig Pickel, “A Lesson in Violence”


Honorable Mention: Andy Paquet THIS time for his Bilingual story with subtitles….  unfortunately the subtitles did not show up on audio 🙂

Best of July 2013

More great stories, from DimeStories favorites, and soon to be DimeStories favorites:

Jill Gatwood, “The Scam Artist”


Iris Gersh, “From Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo”


Beth Pratt, “The Dropless Shoe”


Honorable Mention: Dee Cohen

Best of June 2013

More great stories, from DimeStories favorites, and soon to be DimeStories favorites:

Maria Leyba, “You Need a Serape”


Susan Paquet, “King of the Jungle”


Georgia Santa Maria, “Mrs. Thompson”


Honorable mention:  Andy Paquet (for being such a great sport!)

Best of May 2013

More great stories, from DimeStories favorites, and soon to be DimeStories favorites:

Dee Cohen, “Brooklyn is a Dangerous Place”


Jennifer Krohn, “She Just Wants Attention”


Beth Pratt, “Donuts”


Best of April 2013

Byron Aspaas, “Encounters”


Casandra Lopez, “Blood, Cars, and Memory”


Cindy Sylvester, “Stairway to Heaven”


Best of March 2013

Dee Cohen, “Squint”


Eirik Gumeny, “Close Enough”


Charles Powell, “Bananas and Buttermilk”


Best of January 2013

Leslie Fox, “Slanted House”


Annam Manthiram, “Writer’s Block”


Merimee Moffitt, “Fresh Grief” * *


Best Of December 2012:

Jennifer Krohn, “When the Nights are Long”

When the Nights are Long

Blake Magnusson, “On Call”

On Call

Cindy Sylvester, “What Child is This”

What Child is This 

Best Of November 2012:

Dee Cohen, “The Fall”

The Fall

Kuan, “Cemetery Ridge”

Cemetery Ridge

Sandra Vallie, “Dry Heaving on Carlisle”

Dry Heaving on Carlisle

Best Of October 2012:

Maria Leyba, “Angel of Mercy”

Angel of Mercy

Georgia Santa Maria, “Butchering the Bear”

Butchering the Bear

Susan Paquet, “Texas Politics”

Texas Politics 

Best Of September 2012:

Maria Leyba, “His Carnalita”

His Carnalita

Maxine Peseke, “Cinnamon Buns”

Cinnamon Buns

Cindy Sylvester, “Dock of the Bay”

Dock of the Bay 

Best Of August 2012:

Larry Goeckel, “Bug Free”

Bug Free

Sari Krosinski, “And Baby Makes….”

And Baby Makes

Efrain Villa, “Men Like Ike”

Men Like Ike 

Best Of July 2012:

Rico Gallegos, “Befuddled”


Susan Paquet, “Stetson”


Efrain Villa, “The Current”

The Current

Best Of June 2012:
Jennifer Krohn, “Back in the States”

Back in the States

Andy Paquet, “Granddad Gets an iPhone”

Grandpa Gets an iPhone

Cindy Sylvester, “I Wish it Would Rain”

I Wish It Would Rain

(note the rain pounding on the roof, courtesy of Georgia Santa Maria)


Georgia Santa Maria, for “Kim” and for bringing the rain! and mostly for trying to keep going in spite of the downpour, packing up and moving indoors and picking right up and continuing!  now THAT’S a performer!

Neal Holtschulte, first time, great story, “Manhunt”

Best of May 2012:

Rico Gallegos, “Mementos”


Annam Manthiram, “Ganga”


Dee Cohen, “Tom Cat” (no audio)

Best Of February 2012:

February’s DimeStories featured a small cadre of dedicated DimeStoriers. Here’s the Best of, and More!

Rico Gallegos, “Just a Man”

Just A Man

Jennifer Simpson, “Blue Dress on a Gray Day”

Blue Dress on a Gray Day

Sandra Vallie, “Safe Passage”

Safe Passage


Dee Cohen, “Lime Avenue Revisted”

Lime Avenue Revisited

Merimee Moffitt, “Resentment”


Susan Paquet, “Got Your Goat”

Got Your Goat

Andy Paquet, “Adventures in the NICU”

Adventures in the NICU

Georgia Santa Maria, “Chinese”


Best Of January 2012:

Lauren Baldwin, “Tres Leches Cake””

Tres Leches Cake

Dee Cohen, “Levitation”


Maria Leyba, “These Hands”

These Hands

HONORABLE MENTION TO:  Sandra Vallie, “No Hens Died Today”

Best Of December 2011:

Lauren Baldwin, “Bella and My Mother””


Rico Gallegos, “Dancing in the Rain”

Dancing in the Rain

Blake Magnusson, “The C Word”

The C Word

HONORABLE MENTION TO:  Annam Manthiram, “The Finger”

Best Of November 2011:

Dee Cohen, “Hum”


Merimee Moffitt, “Capturing Jack”

Capturing Jack

Sandra Vallie, “Lavonne”


Best Of October 2011:

Dee Cohen, “A Friendship”

A Friendship

Maria Leyba, “My Kokeshi Dolls” (over the time / ghost in the machine!)

My Kokeshi Dolls

Jennifer Simpson, “You Like Play Chalk?”

You Like Play Chalk?

Best Of September 2011:

Lauren Baldwin, “Jason” (PG 13)

Lauren Baldwin, \”Jason\”

Dee Cohen, “Lifted”

Dee Cohen, \”Lifted\”

Maria Leyba, “Is Your Woman Home?”

Maria Leyba, Is Your Woman Home

Best Of August 2011:

Rico Gallegos, “Some Assembly Required”

Rico Gallegos, “Some Assembly Required”

Birdie Jaworski, “Lost Poster Revolution”

Birdie Jaworski, “Lost Poster Revolution

Georgia Santa Maria, “The Greeter”

Gerogia Santa Maria, “The Greeter”

Best Of July 2011:

Jason Bengston, “On the River”  

Jason Bengston, \”On The River\”

Annam Manthiram, “Pinnochio”

Annam Manthiram Pinnochio

Andy Paquet, “Reason Number Seven”

Andy Paquet, Reason Number Seven

Best Of June 2011:

Eirik Gumeny “Boy Meets Girl” 

Boy Meets Girl

Maria Leyba, “Con Dios Pagaran” 

Con Dios Pagaran

Georgia Santa Maria, “Alice”


Best Of May 2011:

Lucy DuPertuis, “Irrroh” 


Von Jones, “My Daughter’s Toes” 

My Daughter’s Toes

Susan Paquet, “Texas” 


Best Of April 2011:

Jennifer Krohn, “Henry’s Wing Emporium”

Henry\’s Wing Emporium

Bernie Leiving, “Critters”


Jennifer Simpson, “Fragments of My Father”

Fragments of My Father

Best Of March 2011:

Lisa Barrow, “The Pure One”

The Pure One

Annam Manthiram, “A Binturong Named Vithi”

A Binturong Named Vithi

Bob Sabatini,  “Root Of Evil”

The Root of Evil

Best of February 2011:

Dee Cohen, “The Archives”

The Archives

Eleanor Stewart, “Starfish, The Moon, Our Sandbar and Other Stories”

The Moon, Our Sandbar and Other Stories

Blake Magnusson,  “The Healer”

The Healer

Best Of January 2011:

Janet Freeman, “Nightfall” Nightfall

Merimee Moffitt, “Shoptalk” Shoptalk

Susan Paquet, “Aunt Betty”Aunt Betty

Best Of December:

Ariel Gore, “Cake”Cake

David Rubalcava, “Groped in Minnesota” (PG-13)Groped in Minnesota

Suzanne Richardson, “NYC Boy”

HONORABLE MENTION: Susy Crandall for “Musical Interlude, a Soap Opera”

BEST WORD OF THE NIGHT: “Fantasmagorical” courtesy of Chris Chapin

Best Of November:

Merimee Moffitt, “What Was She Talking About?”What Was She Talking About?

Maria Perez, “Broccoli Was A Homosexual”Broccoli Was A Homosexual

Jane Tokunaga, “Toni Girl”Toni Girl

Best Of October:

Lucy DuPertuis, “How to Identify a Self Feeding Man”How to Identify a Self Feeding Man
Ariel Gore, “William the Pig”How to Identify a Self Feeding Man

Von Jones “Romance”How to Identify a Self Feeding Man

Best of September, 2010

“When Later Means Love” by Casandra LopezWhen Later Means Love by Casandra Lopez

“EFF You OKCupid” by David Rubalcava (note, this is a PG-13 rated story, not safe for work listening)

EFF You OK Cupid by David Rubalcava


“Bimbos” by Georgia Santa Maria

Bimbos by Georgia Santa Maria

Honorable Mention:  Ariel Gore for “Muffy McPhearson”  which was even more over the 3 minutes than the ones we selected!!

Best of August 2010:

“Destiny Introduced Us” by Rob Colby

Destiny Introduced Us by Rob Colby

“Dear Michael” by Merimee Moffitt

Dear Michael by Merimee Moffitt

“Optomistic Methodist” by Andy Paquet

Optomistic Methodist by Andy Paquet

Best of July 2010:

“Pet Hair” by Jimbu

Pet Hair by Jimbu

“Flatland 11” by Larry Goeckel

Flatland 11 by Larry Goeckel

“Cryo” by Annam Manthiram

Cryo by Annam Manthiram

Best of June 2010:

“The Assessment” by James Burbank

The Assessment by James Burbank

“The Map is Not the Territory” by Rob Colby
The Map is Not the Territory by Rob Colby

“My What Big Feet You Have” by Maria Leyba
My What Big Feet You Have by Maria Leyba

Best of May 2010:

“Father’s Day” by Annarose Fitzgerald

Father’s Day by Annarose Fitzgerald

“A Note on the Fridge” by Annam Manthiram

A Note on the Fridge by Annam Manthiram

“Dead Texans” by Georgia Santa Maria

Dead Texans by Georgia Santa Maria

Honorable Mention:  Merimee Moffitt and Richard Vargas

Best of April 2010:

“Our Lady of the Swords” by Maria Leyba

Our Lady of the Swords by Maria Leyba

“Cash and Carry” by Georgia Santa Maria

Cash and Carry by Georgia Santa Maria

“The Funeral” by Jennifer Simpson

The Funeral by Jennifer Simpson

Honorable Mention:  Annarose Fitzgerald

Best of March 2010:

“Sidetracked” by Lisa Gill

Sidetracked by Lisa Gill

“Inertia” by Blake Magnusson

Inertia by Blake Magnusson

“OMG” by Merimee Moffitt

OMG by Merimee Moffitt

Honorable Mention:  Dan Darling and Melanie Unruh

Best of February 2010:

“Lost Loves” by Annarose Fitzgerald

Lost Loves by Annarose Fitzgerald

“Untitled Yet” by David Rubalcava

Untitled Yet by David Rubalcava

“Baby Jesus” by Georgia Santa Maria

Baby Jesus by Georgia Santa Maria

Honorable Mention:  Randi Beck “When It Hits It Hits Us Good” and Dawn Sperber “Following Directions”

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