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It is here where you will find stories from past months.

We have had our last scheduled DimeStories meeting. Who knows what the future will hold, but for now, we are on hold.

You can come back to this site to listen to stories from San Diego and Albuquerque. Or re-listen to some of your favorites from Orange County.

A huge thank you to Nancy Milby for allowing us to use her space both here and in Laguna Beach. It’s been a fun ride. Thanks to all of our story tellers and listeners. You have brightened our days and enriched our lives. We hope we did the same for you.

I am duplicating our stories and putting December here to join the archived stories. So here they are, our favorite stories from December. There are 5 because the 1st and 3rd place favorites were tied!

December 2018 DimeStories Stories

Susan Matthewson – “Addiction”

Nicholas Thurkettle – “Miracles and Disasters in Brief”

Pam Tallman – “Traditions Worth Keeping”

Terry Black – “A Real-Life Superhero”

Liz Zuercher – “Mrs. Schlobaum’s Christmas Cookies”

Enjoy these stories, and check out some of our older ones in our archives.

November 2018 DimeStories Stories


Terry Black – “Bragging Rights”

DC Henderson – “Your Mission, Should You Decide to Accept.”

Nancy Milby – “M Street Halloween”

Mike Neis – “The Cabora”

Anita Razin – “Pizza Slice”


September 2018 DimeStories Favorites

Liz Zuercher – “Prayers”

Pam Tallman- “If It Ain’t Broke…”

Jennifer Hedgecock – “All Things on Earth Point Home”

Mike Neis – “Mistakes & Grace”

Enjoy these stories, and check out some of our older ones in our archives.

August 2018 DimeStories Favorites

Terry Black – “Before I die”

Pam Tallman- “Stoned at Thirty-Seven Hundred Feet”

DC Henderson – “Attack of the Amazon Beast Woman”

Nancy Milby – “A Public Service Message”

Enjoy these stories, and check out some of our older ones in our archives.

July 2018 DimeStories Favorites

Nicholas Thurkettle – “The Elevator Ghost”

Liz Zuercher – “Legacy”

Jennifer Hedgecock – “A Small Condition of Happiness”

Terry Black – “Cecilia’s Granddad and that Weirdness at the Border”


June 2018 DimeStories Favorites

Lynn Bonas – “Who Knew?”

Nicholas Thurkettle – “The Night Shift, With Sprinkles”

DC Henderson – “The Good, The Bad, and the Disgusting”

No May Dimestories for Mother’s Day

April 2018 DimeStories Favorites

Ron Terranova – “Mea Culpa”

Pam Tallman – “Film at Eleven”

Tracy Neis “My Friend Ronny”

Anita Razin – “To Live and Die in LA”


March 2018 DimeStories Favorites


Colleen Fitzpatrick – “Cross Words”

Jennifer Hedgecock – “The Starman”

Ron Hoefer – “My New Friend Ethel”

Pam Tallman – “Lost in Space”

Ron Terranova – “A Beautiful Day”

February 2018 DimeStories Favorites

Pam Tallman – “Love Below the Mason/Dixon Line”

Colleen Fitzpatrick – “Remembering Loretta”

Susan Cameron – “Hallelujah I am Saved”

Mike Neis – The Other

Ron Terranova – You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

January 2018 DimeStories Favorites


Jim Holden – “Uci’s Duck”

Judy Shepard – “A True Story”

Pam Tallman – “You Look Like a Million Bucks”

Amy Wallen – “Please Release Me”

December 2017 DimeStories Favorites

Enjoy our three favorite December DimeStories.

Nicholas Thurkettle – “A Little Doom for Christmas”

Pam Tallman – “Gifted”

Cindy Berg – “December 2012”


November 2017 DimeStories Favorites

Pam Tallman – “What a Turkey”

Terry Black – “The Nightmare Before Halloween”

Coleen Fitzpatrick – “The Chinese Slot Machine”


October 2017 DimeStories Favorites

Nancy Milby – “The Mirror”

Pam Tallman – “The Key Graveyard”

Jennifer Hedgecock – “Castles With No Passage”

Nancy Grossman-Samuel – “Angela’s Visit”


September 2017 DimeStories Favorites

Pam Tallman – “The Oops Option”

Nancy Milby – “Totality”

Terry Black – “The Great Laguna Anti-Nazi Counter Protest”

Nicholas Thurkettle – “Buttercream Sunset”



August 2017 DimeStories Favorites

Louie Rodriguez – “The Sunday Paper”

Pamela Gerber – “Taco Love”

Jennifer Hedgcock – “Washing Out the Soul”

Nicholas Thurkettle – “The Pen is Mightier than the Bullet Point”

Ron Terranova – “You Go, Elizabeth!”


July 2017 DimeStories Favorites

Pam Tallman “Do You Know the Way to Cupertino?”

Nicholas Thurkettle “Maria Walks Out”

Adam Golub “Genuine Natural Color” (apologies to Adam – we didn’t stop the recording in time not to hear background chatter – when there is more time, perhaps the audio can be shaved a bit)

Cindy Berg “A Growing Guilt”


June 2017 DimeStories Favorites

As everyone got votes this time, and there were lots of ties, we decided to share all 8 of our stories with you this month.

Our favorite story was “Finding Doric” by Pam Tallman. Her story was a cautionary tale of sorts about when the TSA noses around in your luggage.

The tie for our 2nd favorite stories were Liz Zuercher with (we were glad to hear it) a fictional story called “What Now?” about going on with life after we lose a partner of long standing,


and Cindy Berg with “Staying Alive” a story about what happens when our parents get old and stop being the people we knew, and how it affects us.


The next five were some ties and very close, so here, in alpha order we go:

Braulio – Father’s Day to Rest


Terry Black – “Furniture Shopping – The Ultimate Horror”


Nancy Grossman-Samuel – Michelle Obama is a What?


Audre Schantz – The Dog and the Moon


Ron Terranova – “Searching for Teddy”



April 2017 DimeStories Favorites

Louie Rodriguez, “Confessions of a Cameraman Part Two”

Braulio, “Driverless News”

Audre Schantz, “The Mouse’s Children”


And our tied favorites are:

Liz Zuercher, “The World According to Hattie May”

Nancy Milby, “Traffic in Paradise”

Pat Wills, “Garages are for Parking Cars, Not Families”



March 2017 DimeStories Favorites

We have four favorites for you from March. We apologize for taking so long to get these to you.

Nicholas Thurkettle, “Death Disturbed”

Michele McCormick, “Burnt Toast”
Terry Black, “My Romance Novel”

Pam Tallman, “Lost Wax”

Looking forward to seeing you all again on April 9th for our next DimeStories

February 2017 DimeStories Favorites

Pam Tallman, “My Italian Lover.”
Ron Terranova, “Sucking Up to Vladimir”
Audre Schantz, “How the Moon and the Earth Fell in Love”
Cindy Berg, “Chicken and the Egg.”

January 2017 DimeStories Favorites

Audre Schantz with “Tundra Wolf”
Nicholas Thurkettle with “Fading Colors
Nancy Grossman-Samuel with “Another Chance.”
Jennifer Hedgecock, “Battered by Rules”
Braulio, “Trade Show”
Nancy Cuevas Guzman, “Rachel Weeps”
Ellen Kempler, “Over the Moon in Iceland”

Again, join us on February 12th for our next DimeStories open mic. As always, sign-ups begin at 5:00 pm, and we begin readings at 5:30 pm.

November 2016 DimeStories Favorites

Here are our favorites from November. We had 10 readers, and you get to hear five of them here. So to get everything (especially the great company and conversation before our readings and after), please join us on Sunday, January 8th, the first 2017 DimeStories of the new year.

Please let us know if you have any upcoming publications (articles, books, etc), or things we might enjoy like seeing you in a play – or watching a play you directed or wrote. You can let us know that by writing to (case not important).

And now – our favorites!

Louie Rodriguez, “Confessions of a Camera Man”
Nicholas Thurkettle , “Warning”
Terry Black, “Zam Maxfield and the Website of Doom”
Cindy Berg, “Proper Names”
Nancy Roeder, “I’m Not Laughing”

October 2016 DimeStories Favorites (all of them)

Pam Tallman, “The Missing”
Jennifer Hedgecock, “There Below”
Liz Zuercher, “Lady on the Rocks”
Nancy Grossman-Samuel, “The Boy-Man in the Cool Glasses”
Terry Black, “Visiting Kenya”
Marie Mainville, “Time”
Dolores F. Curry, “The Art of Moving”

September 2016 DimeStories Favorites

Pam Tallman, “One Mean Cat”
Nicholas Thurkettle, “Olympian”
Ron Terranova, “A Few Moments at the Farmer’s Market”
Dolores F. Curry, “My Big Brother, Alex”


July 2016 DimeStories Favorites

Pam Tallman – Steve’s Kitten
Elisabetta Panzica – Messages (apologies – the first 8 seconds or so are rough)
Braulio – Romeo and Juliet Online


June 2016 DimeStories Favorites

Jennifer Hedgecock – The Flight Jacket

Nicholas Thurkettle – Will Write for Underware

Audre Schantz – Shag Carpeting

Ron Terranova – Hillary is Hot Hot Hot

Braulio – The Boxer


April 2016 DimeStories Favorites

Liz Zuercher – “Leaving Home”

Nicholas Thurkettle, “Deer for Breakfast”

Pam Tallman, “The Cutting Edge”

Terry Black, “How I Killed Billy Dee Williams”

March 2016 DimeStories Favorites

Nicholas Thurkettle, “Ghosts in the Grind”

Michele McCormick “Sibling Rivalry”

Braulio, “Romantic Butterflies

Pam Tallman, “Dry With a Chance of Wrinkles”

February 2016 DimeStories Favorites

Nicholas Thurkettle, “A Message on Love from the Universe”


Braulio, “On Top”


Liz Zuercher, “Still Crazy”


Pam Tallman, “The Squint Test”


January 2016 DimeStories Favorites

Nicholas Thurkettle – “An Apology to a Book”


Audre Schantz – “Twig Nest”


Louis Rodriguez, “The Circus Came to Town”


Nancy Milby, “The Express Train to Paris”


Terry Black, “Second Coin Toss”


December 2015 DimeStories Favorites

Nicholas Thurkettle,  “Change of Venue”

Liz Zuercher, “Mrs. Schlobaum’s Christmas Cookies”

Niina Satola, "An Open Letter to the Wasp Trapped on the 71v"
Pam Tallman, "The Christmas Gift" 
Louis Rodriguez, "The Trustifarian" 
Anna Yamamuro "The Tree"


There were no November 2015 Favorites as we were unable to meet that month

October 2015 Favorite DimeStories

Nicholas Thurkettle, “The Los Angeles Food Chain”

Audre Schantz – “The Pebble”

Judy Davison – “The Heart of the Matter”

Jennifer Hedgecock – “Obviously”


September 2015 Favorite DimeStories

Terry Black, “Have You Learned Nothing?”


Liz Zuercher, “Time Swings”


Pam Tallman, “The New Dating Game


Nicholas Thurkettle, “Ack Dams”


Nancy Milby, “Summer’s End”


August 2015 Favorite DimeStories


Nicholas Thurkettle – “Art Concrete”

Pam Tallman – “The Real Forbidden Fruit”

Nancy Milby – “Promise of a Crook”

Jennifer Hedgecock – “Just One More”


July DimeStories Audience Favorites

Nicholas Thurkettle – “Bus Driver”

Pam Tallman – “Monkey Business”

Michele McCormick – “Pilgrim’s Progress Blocked at the Gate”

Susan Quinn – “Nevada”


June DimeStories


Pam Tallman – “Your Naughty Parts May Vary”


Terry Black – “Invasion of the 2-Foot Brain Eaters”


Jennifer Hedgecock – “Clocking Time”

At the end of Jennifer’s story, you’ll get to hear a bit of our MC’s information about the Bulwer-Lytton fiction contest – check it out here: the


April Audience Favorites

Terry Black, “Stopover in a Cheap Ass Convenience Store”


Susan Mathewson, “My Inner Artist”


Pam Tallman, “A Cat Tale”


Chris Vallandigham, “A Historic Moment”


March Audience Favorites:

Ali McCart – “Going Home”


John Gates – “The Hunt”


Liz Zuercher – “The Sewing Room”


Nancy Milby – “Believe”


Jennifer Hedgecock – “Under There”  [no audio]

Terry Black – “Surviving Valentine’s Day” [no audio]


February 2015 DimeStories

Nancy Milby “If She Comes”


Terry Black “I Go to a Monastery”


Pam Tallman “Love and the Home Office”


John Gates “Red Light”

Audience Picks from January 2015

Pam Tallman – The Perfect Paradox


Terry Black – Putting the “X” back in Xmas.

Ali McCart – The Last Frontier


Nancy Grossman – Tidying Up – Life Changing.

Audience Picks from December 2014

Pam Tallman, “Putting Christ in Christmas”


Jennifer Hedgecock, “Getting the Balance”


Liz Zuercher, “Roca Madness”

Audience Picks from November 2014

Liz Zuercher, “The Night Bloomer”

Liz Zuercher – The Night Bloomer

Jennifer Hedgecock, “Last Movie”

Jennifer Hedgecock – Last Movie
Pan Tallman, “The Break Up”

Pam Tallman – The Breakup

Audience Picks from October 2014

Pam Tallman, “Apartment Living”
Susan Matthewson, “Cops and Robbers”
Terry Black, “A Big Fat Italian Wedding!”
Ali McCart, “Hugh”
Nancy Milby, “As Luck Would Have It”

Nancy Milby – As Luck Would Have It

Audience Picks from September 2014

Terry Black, “Curse of the Blinking Mummy”
John Gates, “In the Navy, My First Epiphany”
Pam Tallman, “Why Cats Paint”
Thomas Paul, “All That I’ve Done”

Thomas Paul “All That I’ve Done”

Audience Picks from August 2014

Samantha Dunn – “Life with Ben, Age 5”

Ben, Age 5

Susan Matthewson “Banana Pudding Days”

Susan Matthewson – Banana Pudding Days

Thomas Paul – “untitled”

Untitled – Thomas Paul

Pam Tallman, “Ten Years of Dust”

Pam Tallman – 10 Years of Dust


Audience Picks from July 2014

Thomas Paul – “23”
Judy Davison, “Bombs Away – Part II”
Pam Tallman, “Trash Talk”

Audience Picks:  April 2014

Here are our favorites stories from April. Also, if you missed it, Pam Tallman shared with us some winners from the 2011 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. Check those out here:

Here are the 2013 winners as well:

And here are OUR favorites:
Pam Tallman, “First Love”
Judy Davison, “Will You Marry Me?”
Susan Matthewson, “The Garage Follies” excerpt from The Lady Business

Audience Picks:  February 2014

We took a break in March, so the next group of stories to hear is from April.

Because the voting was so close, we have 5 favorites to share with you!

Pam Tallman – “Step Aside Cougars”
Frances Heussentamm – “Valentine, Shmalentine, I’m for St. Patrick”
.Susan Matthewson – “The McNarys”
Pamela Knudsen, “Finding Love the Old Fashioned Way – Laguna Beach Style”
Terry Black – “The Hidden Clause


Laguna Beach DimeStories Open Mic takes place the Second Sunday of every month!

Sign-ups: 5:00 pm.  Readings: 5:30 pm


If you missed any of the open mic events LIVE, check out the Audience Picks from the past in the archive–>

Audience Picks:  January 2014

A New Year and we have 3 new stories for you!

Next month – February – will be our last month in Laguna Beach. We are moving to Costa Mesa (because our venue is moving – not because we don’t love Laguna Beach).

We hope that those of you who live in Laguna Beach will brave the wider world and join us, and we also hope that those of you who were not brave enough to fight the Laguna Beach traffic will now come and visit us. More info on the address and directions later – in the meantime – enjoy these stories!

Our favorite story:
Pam Tallman – “She’s Got the Look”
Our next favorite:
Jean Braun – “Casting Call”
and finally…
Susan Matthewson – “Summer of 1960” from her novel in progress “The Lady Business”


Audience Picks:  December 2013

Because of ties again, we’re presenting 5 selections – enjoy!

Our favorite story:
Pam Tallman – “The Truth About Santa”
Our next favorite:
Susan Matthewson – “The Lady Business”
And next we have a story which is a little longer than the usual…
Ilona Martin “St. Nicholas Day – December 6th”
Finally we have a tie for two pieces that were nearly in 3rd place:
Marjorie Friedlander’s
A Turkish Carpet
Liz Zuercher’s piece: – “To Tree or Not to Tree”
Laguna Beach DimeStories Open Mic takes place the Second Sunday of every month!
Sign-ups: 5:00 pm.  Readings: 5:30 pm at:
Laguna Culinary Arts
845 Laguna Canyon Road (near the Sawdust Festival site)
Laguna Beach, CA  (parking right in front!)


Audience Picks:  November 2013

A first for us – a three way tie for the favorite!

Tied for favorite (in alphabetical order by first name):
Judy Shepard – “White Pants”
Pam Tallman – “Delicious Malicious Intent”
Susan Matthewson – “A Fish Story”
Our second (but really 4th) favorite (not to deter from it’s wonderfulness):
Liz Zuercher – “Cassie’s Big Fat Rule”
And the final recognition for this month goes to:
Barbara Benom – “Lambs to the Slaughter”

Audience Picks:  October 2013

Our favorite:
Pam Tallman “The Arms War”


Our 2nd Favorite:

Jean Braun’s “Mr. Hines, Mr. Morrison, and I”


Our 3rd Favorite with a very close 4th!

Terry Black’s “Invasion of the Hot Dog Snatchers”


and Nancy Milby’s “Breakfast at the Farmer’s Market”


Audience Picks:  September 2013

Susan Matthewson “Flirting with Rehab”
Susan Matthewson – Flirting with Rehab 2

Tied for second!:

Terry Black – “The Ghost of Hot Dog Woman”
Terry Black – The Ghost of Hot Dog Woman 1

Judy Shepherd – “Oh No!”
Judy Shepherd _Oh No!_

Pam Tallman – A Little Testy
Pam Little Testy 1

Audience Picks

JULY 2013

John Clinton Gray, “Red End”

Michelle McCormick, “Alchemical Storm”

Al Nestlinger, “A 3-Minute Bread Knife Story”

Liz Zuercher, “The Doctor is In”

NOTE:  audience torn between Liz and John’s stories….  so we have a tie.


JUNE 2013

Terry Black, “Curse of the Demon”


Nancy Grossman-Samuel, “Golden Boots”


Pam Tallman, “Excuses, Excuses”



MARCH 2013

Terry Black, “Tuesday Night Fugitives”
Susan Matthewson, “Holy Deception”
Alex Smith, “A Pause in Decades”


Susan Matthewson, “Lady Business”
Niki Smart, “The Date That Ate”
TIE: Pam Tallman “The 20 Percent Solution” and
Carole Taub “Commonality”

(audio malfunction)


John Gray “To the Last Bite”

To the Last Bite

Judy Shepherd “To Dye”

To Dye

Pam Tallman “Why did I enter this room?”

Why did I enter this room?

Best of January 2013

John Gary “To the Last Bite”
Judy Shepherd “To Dye”
 Pam Tallman “Why did I enter this room?”


Jean Ardell, “Tradition?”


Terry Black, “Not Ready for King Arthur”

Not Ready for King Arthur

Liz Zuercher, “Roca Madness”

Roca Madness


Ed Kaufman, “The Nest is Empty”

The Nest is Empty

Pam Tallman, “The Naked Truth”

The Naked Truth

Jonathan Yanez, “The Dark Fairy”

The Dark Fairy



Curator’s Picks (prior to November 2012)

Cassie and Skinny Bitch by Liz Zuercher
Cassie and Skinny Bitch by Liz Zuercher

Swahili Thanksgiving by Michele McCormick
Swahili Thanksgiving by Michele McCormick

A Corporate Quack by Kim Hooper
A Corporate Quack by Kim Hooper

Grace by Henry Pruitt
Grace by Henry Pruitt

Escape from Hot Dog Woman by Terry Black
Escape from Hot Dog Woman by Terry Black

Susan Matthewson: Addiction

Allegra Huston: Love Child (excerpt from memoir)

Henry Pruitt: Pound Cake


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