San Diego Open Mic (prose)

Join us Friday, March 9, 2018

San Diego DimeStories Open Mic 

6:30 pm Refreshments and Sign Ups
7:00 pm Readings 

San Diego Writers, Ink;       Liberty Station
$5 donation at the door

GUEST HOST Bernie Nofel !

Bernie has been a scribbling scribe regular in San Diego’s writing community for years. In addition to DimeStories, Bernie has confused, perplexed, annoyed, irritated, and sometimes inspired fellow wordsmiths at Wednesday’s Write Real Early and Thursday Writes. The one thing he’s rarely done is bore anyone.

 Bernie writes and presents with the passion one

might expect from someone with his background in theater and Public Speaking. Bernie has performed for a number of San Diego’s community theaters, including melodramas for POWPAC (where he played the villain) and the Mira Mesa Theater Guild (where he played the hero).

Bernie teaches Public Speaking for four local colleges, has critiqued over 30,000 student speeches, and is a communications consultant for professionals.

He has been a professional grant writer, and his grants have secured important funding for non-profit charities throughout the community.

             Bernie is currently working on his first novel, a psychodrama murder mystery called “Mirror/Mirror. A Mystery.” Bernie is incredibly honored to be hosting for such an amazing group of writers. “I can’t always promise a happy ending”, Bernie says, “but I will do my best to make all the world a stage.”

 February San Diego DimeStories Stand0uts!


Audio Coming Soon!

Bernie Nofel – Mirror, Mirror: A Mystery

Danielle Baldwin Daffodils

Jessica Van Devanter – The Streaker


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  1. We just sent out the announcement to the individuals. Soon we will add a public post here.

  2. I am reading Bernie Nofel’s
    novel, I am intrigue , I cannot wait for the next installment . He is a brilliant writer with a great mind. Keep it up and keep the chapters coming .

  3. When do the winning stories get announced for the March 9,2018 dimestoties in San Diego?

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