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June 2017 DimeStories Favorites

Thanks to all of our readers and listeners for making this small but mighty DimeStories such a success. The stories were great, and thanks Kari of LCA Wine who picked out some wonderful wines, while Nancy Milby is away having a lovely time touring vineyards in France! We’re sure she’ll come back with some great stories. Also thanks to Cindy Berg, our newest volunteer for picking up the great snacks.

First, because they are so much fun, we wanted to share Moderator Pam Tallman’s link to the annual Bulwer/Lytton Fiction Contest.

Some pretty funny entries – check out the link to learn more about it. Perhaps next year, you will submit and get chosen!

As everyone got votes this time, and there were lots of ties, we decided to share all 8 of our stories with you this month.

Our favorite story was “Finding Doric” by Pam Tallman. Her story was a cautionary tale of sorts about when the TSA noses around in your luggage.

The tie for our 2nd favorite stories were Liz Zuercher with (we were glad to hear it) a fictional story called “What Now?” about going on with life after we lose a partner of long standing,


and Cindy Berg with “Staying Alive” a story about what happens when our parents get old and stop being the people we knew, and how it affects us.


The next five were some ties and very close, so here, in alpha order we go:

Braulio – Father’s Day to Rest


Terry Black – “Furniture Shopping – The Ultimate Horror”


Nancy Grossman-Samuel – Michelle Obama is a What?


Audre Schantz – The Dog and the Moon


Ron Terranova – “Searching for Teddy”


Enjoy these stories, check out some of our older ones in our archives.

Looking forward to hearing more great stories and schmoozing with all the readers and listeners over wine and snacks on July 9th for our next DimeStories open mic. As always, sign-ups begin at 5:00 pm, and we begin readings at 5:30 pm. Come a little early and/or stay a little late for some schmoozing, snacks and wine.

LCA Wine
3315 Hyland Avenue, Suite H
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


If you’re new to the group, your story must be prose, your own work, 3 minutes or less (approximately 500 words), but can be fiction, non-fiction, or something in between! ALSO, you do NOT need to read. You can come and listen this first time, or forever.
Also, as a heads up – we ask for a $5.00 donation per person to help cover our membership in the National DimeStories organization (helps keep these web pages up), as well as to help cover the costs of the food and drink we serve.

If you missed any of our previous open mic events LIVE, check out the Audience Picks from the past in the archive–>

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Interested in getting your writing out there? Follow the links below:

Writing Contests:

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12 thoughts on “Orange County CA Open Mic

  1. I would like to participate in the next open mike. My book ‘The History of a Safer World’ is published on It tells the story of one of the most famous entrepreneurs in Laguna Beach history, and certainly the most eccentric. He owned the famous ‘Rock House’ in Laguna Beach.

  2. Indeed! this was a fantastic space, and filled with GREAT STORIES! Thank you everyone for all your hard work in making the OC chapter of DimeStories a true gem. –Jennifer

  3. A great night in our new venue at Laguna Culinary Arts with a big shout out to Nancy Milby, owner extraordinaire for hosting. Thanks to Judy Shepherd for imagining this space. Nancy Milby is not only a sommelier but she writes as well!. She read a great piece to usher in this new season. Tonight was a DimeStories reunion. Founder Amy Wallen of San Diego and original OC DS host Meredith Resnick along with the new DS International Director Jennifer Simpson out of Albuquerque, NM came together with current OC DS host Ed Kaufman to spin some flash narratives. A great turnout, good wine and better stories from old and new readers. Bring it on! Check out Jennifer’s new DS Website and submit your stories for NPR. Yes!

  4. Ed Kaufman, the new OC DimeStories host invites you to come out for our November 13th open mic in Laguna Beach at Salt Fine Art Gallery. Sign-ups start at 5:00 pm, readings begin at 5:30 pm.

    September & October 2011 gatherings featured good reads, diverse voices, and fine wine. Amazed at how much can be said in 500 words. DimeStories: What a writing exercise in editing– learning to part with “treasures” to more fully embrace what Natalie Goldberg refers to as “writing down the bones”.

  5. This is the new OC DimeStories host inviting you to come out for our August 8th open mic in downtown Laguna Beach at Latitude 33 Bookshop, 311 Ocean Ave.
    Sign-ups start at 5:00 pm and readings begin at 5:30 pm.

    June and July gatherings featured good reads, diverse voices, fine wine, and familiar faces. Always amazed at how much can be said in 500 words. DimeStories: What a great writing exercise in editing– learning to part with “treasures” of words to more fully embrace what Natalie Goldberg refers to as “writing down the bones”.

  6. Hey curators. Thanks so much for selecting my story “Swahili Thanksgiving”. Just discovered it through Allegra Huston’s Web site. Nice to hear a three minute reading holding so much of life’s experience. How is that possible?

    Looking forward to reading at Latitude 33 bookstore on Valentine’s Day… Feb. 14th.

  7. I can’t believe what an amazing birthday party that was last week! And now we get another great night of readings in less than a month.

    Chemer’s Gallery is being such generous supporters of DimeStories OC Open Mic by lending us their gorgeous gallery for our events until the OC folk can find a permanent home.

    It’s amazing what 3-minutes will do to people.

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