Meet the Paquets

A new regular series, featuring DimeStoriers. This started as a column on a site called in Albuquerque but as that site is no longer being published, I am archiving the articles here, and hoping other chapter leaders from around the DimeStories community will participate.

To kick it off, I’m featuring stories from Andy and Susan Paquet who have been great supporters of the literary community in Albuquerque.

“Connected” by Andy Paquet and “Judge Falcone’s Funeral” by Susan Paquet


Andy Paquet grew up in Abq, went to UNM and UA, then worked at TCU in Ft. Worth, TX. He’s a retired microbiology professor. He wrote professional research publications and now enjoys the freedom to be creative, funny and not use statistics. He also emcees the DimeStories open mic here.

Susan Paquet lives in Corrales with her husband (Andy), Standard Poodle and pet goats. She began writing poems and short stories a few years ago and has never had so much fun. She recently published an Anthology, Apricots and Tortillas, about growing up in Albuquerque during the 1950’s and 60’s. Her short stories have also appeared in several other anthologies and journals.

Andy’s three (plus) favorite words are: dame, yes, nieto (grandson), and senior discount.

Three things on his desk: a plastic cup of pencils, computer, and a printer ink cartridge.

Three writers Andy likes:

Garrison Keillor: “The numero uno story teller of Lake Wobegon stories on NPR. His stories are humorous and captivating.”

Tony Hillerman: “Super mysteries from a humble well-liked guy, who didn’t really realize his fame. Met him when he came to speak at TCU and in Ft. Worth at the Bass Hall.”

Rudolfo Anaya: “Warm New Mexico family and mystery stories.”

Last book he read: Principal by Caroline Tompkins

Susan’s three favorite words are: chispa (Spanish for spark), chocolate, and rose-violet.

Three things she keeps on her desk: a picture of their poodle with Santa, an Easter basket from her childhood filled with ink cartridges, and a china bowl from her Grandmother filled with business cards.

Three writers she likes:

John Steinbeck “Every time I read Steinbeck it is as if I am physically transported…. experiencing the sounds and smells and interacting with the characters as if I had known them for a lifetime.”

Tony Hillerman: “His writing and characters capture the essence of the Southwest.”

Michael Connelly “He skillfully braids together a mystery that keeps me entranced until the end of the book.”

The last book she read: Cabbages and Kings by O. Henry. “I read the book for a report on Honduran literature for my adult Spanish class. It was interesting to read at age 69 rather than age 16. It was also interesting to learn O. Henry based the book on the time he spent in Honduras hiding from the law. Seems he had a problem concerning a bank embezzlement charge that they never mentioned in senior English class.”



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