Best of March 2013 Open Mics

It’s been a busy month, and several technical difficulties in the moving of the website… so here are the best 3-minute stories from around the DimeStories world:

From San Diego:

Eber Lambert, “Foreskins”

Eber Lambert, Foreskins

Joanna Gorman, “The Propriety of Being Improper”

Joanna Gorman, The Propriety of Being Improper

Alex Bosworth, “Chicken”  (no audio)

From Laguna Beach:

Terry Black, “Tuesday Night Fugitives”

Terry Black, Tuesday Night Fugitives

Susan Matthews, “Holy Deception”

Susan Matthewson, Holy Deception

Alexander Smith, “A Pause in Decades”

Alexander Smith, A Pause in Decades

From Albuquerque:

Charles Powell, “Bananas and Buttermilk”

Charles Powell, Bananas and Buttermilk

Eirik Gumeny, “Close Enough”

Eirik Gumeny, Close Enough

Dee Cohen, “Squint”

Dee Cohen, Squint


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