DimeStories: California, New Mexico, and Beyond

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DimeStories Anthology

DimeStories Anthology

At long last, the DimeStories print anthology is ready! Contributor copies are on their way, and copies for purchase are available at the December open mic events and online.  In this anthology we are publishing stories from folks who participate in monthly open mic events in San Diego, Costa Mesa, and Albuquerque and from writers who have never been to a DimeStories event (though I’m sure they want to!)  hence the title:  DimeStories: California, New Mexico, and Beyond!  a celebration of 10 years of DimeStories.  (purchase your copy for only $10).

When I first conceived of this project I had no idea how much work it was going to be, and how much help I would need! Much thanks to everyone who supported me, everyone who got the word out, and most of all to everyone who submitted work.

A big big thank you goes to DimeStories founder Amy Wallen. First, for starting DimeStories in San Diego 10 years ago (with much support from San Diego Writers Ink). When Amy entrusted me with DimeStories four years ago she continued to offer advice and support and for that I am grateful.

With Amy’s help I was able to bring together an excellent group of editors who along with Amy selected the (blind) submissions for publication: Susan Henderson, Daniel Mueller, Meredith Resnick. They had some tough decisions to make.

I chose to open the anthology with Liz Zuercher’s story, “No Clouds for You.” There was something about the ephemeral nature of clouds as art that reminded of me of the traditional DimeStory—a 3-minute story read aloud at an open mic event.

The stories included in this anthology take place in suburban cul-du-sacs, city subways, college dorms, elementary schools, back yards, courtrooms, at kitchen tables, in drug stores, on the side of the road, in bars, and living rooms. Our authors found stories in Indian Country, at a ski resort, on a Southern California beach, a hot springs in Taos, New Mexico, and even Ecuador, Jordan, and Israel.

The stories are funny, nostalgic, sad, creepy, and sweet. They touch upon themes of family, love relationships, friendships, death, grief, trauma, growing up, and identity. In other words, they are stories of our human experiences.

It is my hope that in these stories you will discover something about the world, or you will recognize something in yourself. Stories are, after all, how we connect with each other and with ourselves.

~Jennifer Simpson, Managing Editor

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  1. Joel Peckham says:

    Thank you so much for including me in this beautiful book, Jennifer!

  2. Wanting says:

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