San Diego Has New Venue!

DimeStories San Diego’s Open Mic is now at the Ruby Room starting Friday, November 6th, 2009 at 7pm.  Upstairs above the restaurant you’ll find all the readers and aficionados that you love.  Downstairs you can order whatever you want to nosh, nibble or imbibe.  Same 3 minutes, same time dominatrix, still sponsored by San Diego Writers, Ink.  See you all there!

9 thoughts on “San Diego Has New Venue!”

  1. Hey Randy,

    Dime-Offs start again in January at The Loft in La Jolla where we have the showcase events. Watch the newsletter for more info.

  2. We start at 7pm and go until 9 or later. Usually. Just depends on the crowd. Stop by if you have a chance. But if you want to read, you have to have your name in the bucket by 7pm.

  3. I can’t make Nov 6 but count me in for December. I’m looking forward to a new adventure with Open Mic. (I’ll ask the angels to attend in my absence Friday…)

  4. Ooo, I love Ruby Room! All my life I had hoped that someday Dime stories would move there. In fact, that’s the single reason I was absent for most of this year. So, sure, I’ll be there. Except, would someone please tell me where and what exactly is Ruby Room?!


  5. I shall attend. I will require a bottle of Mouton Rothschild ’49 and a plate of truffles. Make sure my pillow is plumped and my water is exactly 62 degrees centigrade. If my requirements are met, I will grace you with my presence.

  6. Hey Amy,

    Of course I’ll be there. I recruited someone to join me, and he’ll probably become a regular BTW, the new site looks . . . wait for it . . . Awesome!


  7. Any time I throw a party I worry that no one will show up. This time is no different. Who’s coming to the new venue? You, I hope.

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