San Diego OPEN MIC! Friday, July 12, 2019

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Bernie Nofel


He’s not a bird.

He’s not a plane.

He can’t even leap tall buildings in a single bound.

But what Dime Stories’ July host, Bernie Nofel, can do is write, teach, and act.

A proudly long-suffering member of San Diego’s writing community, Bernie has perplexed, annoyed, and sometimes entertained fellow wordsmiths at Dime Stories, Wednesday’s Write Real Early, and Thursday Writes. Bernie recently published his first novel, a psychodrama called “Mirror Mirror. A Mystery”, and was honored to have a piece selected in this year’s Best of Dime Stories Anthology.

Bernie is an ensemble cast member for the Dinner Detective, and teaches public speaking for four local colleges. He has been a grant writer and secured important funding for non-profit charities throughout the community.

While he may not be stronger than a locomotive, he says his wit is indestructible and bullets do bounce off his chest.

He invites everyone to shed their alter egos this month and come to the microphone to share their story….and, never, ever, fear the Kryptonite….

“Look! Up in the sky!”

Congratulations to our June StandOuts!  
John Shaw, 
Kevin Hennessy, 
Nick Angello!  
Audios Coming Soon!

Location: San Diego Writers, Ink, Liberty Station
Time: 6:30pm Sign ups; 7:00pm Readings
$5 Donation at the Door



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